Thursday, 20 September 2012

What is the Insect DEFEND Patch?

The Insect Defend Patch is an all-natural mosquito bite deterrent that contains only Thiamine (Vitamin B1) in a 75mg transdermal patch that can be applied discreetly to any hairless part of your body. The Thiamine absorbs into the bloodstream and mixes with your body chemicals, then exits through your pores. It goes to work after two short hours and lasts up to 36 hours, while protecting you and your family in the woods, swimming in the lake, or out on the field. Not only does the Insect Defend Patch last for a lengthy period of time, but it is also waterproof, making showering and swimming more convenient without having to reapply. Since it’s coming out through your pores, the more a person sweats the better it works. So it’s great for active people because creams and sprays dilute and run off when a person perspires.

This patch is 100% harmless and safe for everyone, from children as young as a year old, all the way to your eldest family member.

The best thing about the Insect Defend Patch is that not only is it very safe for everyone, but it is free from risky pesticides like DEET!

The Insect Defend Patch is available at most major retailers across Canada, as well as many independent stores.
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